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By on 13 Aug 2015

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Have you registered yet for APNIC 40?  An excellent lineup of expert speakers are confirmed for the APNIC 40 conference in Jakarta, including keynote presenters Barry Greene and Johar Alam Rangkuti, Geoff Huston, Dyn’s Jim Cowie, Remco van Mook, and Telstra’s Sunny Yeung.

All conference speakers bring years of experience and best practice learning to share with APNIC 40 attendees.

Program highlights

Wading through the muddy IPv6 puddle

Join Sunny Yeung and Masataka Mawatari for this thought-provoking IPv6 in mobile networks tutorial “Hype? Fanfare? Fads? Wading though the muddy IPv6 puddle”. Sunny and Masataka will attempt to reconcile questions around IPv6 relating to business implications, the types of solutions to implement such as 464XLAT, and issues associated with IPv6 single stack.

Internet – Mobility Nexus: Are We Ready for Real Mobile/Wireless Broadband?

With the increasing growth of mobile users in the Asia Pacific region, APNIC’s Chief Scientist, Geoff Huston, SK Telecom’s Deoknyong Ko, and Sunny Yeung will provide up-to-date information and case studies from network operators enabling IPv6 in mobile networks.

APOPS 1 & 2

Remco van Mook’s presentation will examine the essential requirements of establishing and running an IX and ask the question: is it possible to create an IX for $1,000?

Geoff will report on experiments and measurements on scenarios that may be experienced when undertaking a roll of the DNS Root Zone KSK. He will report back on experiments in both IPv4 and IPv6 with large responses, UDP fragmentation in IPv4 and IPv6, truncated responses, reversion to TCP and analyse resolver behaviour when DNS responses are large.

IPv6 Readiness Measurement BoF and APIPv6TF

Following on from successful BoFs at previous conferences, attendees will get regional deployment updates including IPv6 allocation and BGP advertisement; data on network traffic over IPv6; and end-user readiness over IPv6.

New Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions

In addition to the technical BoFs – Network Function Virtualization (NFV) BoF and DNS Variant Management BoF, there will also be a Disaster Preparedness BoF, to discuss how the technical community can respond effectively to disasters, and a Mobile Technology BoF which will look at how mobile technologies can improve the scope and success of citizen science projects.

Staying connected with your peers

There are numerous opportunities to stay connected and network with other attendees at the conference. In addition to the usual breaks between sessions, there’s the Opening Social on Tuesday, 8 September at the Lobo Restaurant Ritz Carlton MK; the Meet the EC social on Wednesday, 9 September; and the APNIC Closing Dinner on Thursday, 10 September at Exodus Restaurant.

Stay updated

The APNIC 40 program is being regularly updated, so keep an eye on the program for new information.

We look forward to seeing you soon at APNIC 40!

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