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By on 9 Jun 2015

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The APNIC resource policy development process is one of the most important privileges and responsibilities the APNIC community has with regard to the management of Internet number resources in the Asia Pacific.

The stewardship of the IP addresses and Autonomous System numbers delegated to us by the IANA is a responsibility to our own community, but also to the global community of Internet users.

However, it is an opportunity too, since the ability determine the way these resources are managed allows the community to decide how these resources can be used in its best interests. The bottom up policy process means that anybody can have a say in the decisions that are made and importantly, anybody can propose a change to the policies that impact them.

All that is required is that you participate in the process.

Guide to proposing a change to APNIC policy

Becoming a proposal author for the first time can seem a little complicated and even intimidating for people not familiar with the workings of the Policy SIG.

To help SIG participants feel comfortable with the process the Secretariat has developed a detailed guide for proposal authors.

The guide works through every stage of the Policy Development Process and explains what role the proposer will play; from meeting the submission deadline to reading the draft documents if their proposal reaches consensus.

This means even first-time proposal authors can feel confident about what comes next in the process and what role they need to play.

Call for Policy Proposals

Today, the APNIC Policy SIG Chair set a deadline for the submission of proposals to be discussed at APNIC 40 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Only proposals submitted by Friday, 31 July 2015 and accepted for discussion by the SIG Chair can be considered for consensus at the Open Policy Meeting.

The proposals will be posted to the mailing list for discussion on or before Friday, 7 August 2015.

If you are interested in the management of Internet number resources in the Asia Pacific region you are encouraged to subscribe to the Policy SIG mailing list and participate in the discussion both on the list and later at the Open Policy Meeting either in person or by remote participation.

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