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By on 30 Jan 2015

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The 2014 APNIC Survey provided APNIC with a lot of valuable feedback from Members and the wider Internet community.  At APNIC 38, the Secretariat presented its initial thoughts on activities to address the feedback received, with some suggested projects.

Today, the APNIC Secretariat took that process a step further with the publishing of a page on our website which allows Members and the community to see the list of initiatives planned in response to the Survey feedback, and track the progress of those initiatives.  This is in line with our commitment to transparency and accountability to our community.

The Secretariat has been working hard on these initiatives already, and some are complete – such as the implementation of the new fee structure, improvements to Whois responsiveness, creation of the direct submission system to the EC, and more.

The tracker page will be updated as progress is made against each project, so if you are interested to see how we are progressing, feel free to check the page throughout the year.

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