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By on 6 Jan 2015

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Happy new year! I thought I would give you a brief update on what’s been happening at CRISP.

You may recall from my previous update that on 19 December, the CRISP team released the first draft response document for public consultation.  A revised document (with minor editing changes) was released on 24 December. This document, when finalised after receiving community input, will be submitted to the ICG on 15 January 2015, to meet the deadline set by the ICG.

Since my last report, and over the Christmas/New Year period, the CRISP team has met four times, for the duration of between one and two hours each time. These meetings focus on discussing community inputs submitted to the NRO IANAxfer mailing list, and in particular, canvassing the views of CRISP team members and arriving at a position on each of these inputs.

The inputs and comments are on issues ranging from: intellectual property rights; the duration of any contract with ICANN; how the review team (an idea originating from LACNIC’s MONC concept) will be composed. I must say that Izumi Okutani, as chair of the CRISP team, is doing a sterling job marshalling all the issues and team members. There is a spreadsheet which tracks each of these inputs, with the CRISP team response. The spreadsheet is constantly updated.

The deadline for the public to provide comments and inputs on the first draft was yesterday. A second draft response document, incorporating feedback from community comments, is scheduled to be released for public consultation on 8 January. The public will then have another opportunity to provide further inputs and comments until 12 January.

From my perspective, the current draft response document is in relatively good shape.  While there may be some fine tuning and refining of the draft response document, the key principles remain. That is:

  • ICANN will continue to be the operator of the number resources part of the IANA functions
  • The service specifications that ICANN will deliver to the RIRs will be recorded in a document described as the IANA Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • The NRO will empanel a “Review Committee” (with a name to be decided), which will be tasked with reviewing and reporting to the community and the NRO, about whether ICANN has performed its obligations under the SLA to the specified standards.

The APNIC CRISP team members will host a second community briefing session later today, at UTC +04:30.  All are welcome to join.

[EDITOR’S UPDATE: The call recording is now available below]

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