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By on 22 Dec 2014

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Training is a popular service provided by APNIC, and 2014 has been another strong year with a total of 2 886 individuals being trained across the Asia Pacific region.

In the past 12 months, the APNIC training team has undertaken 76 tutorials and workshops in 22 economies. And for the first time, the team visited  Kiribati and Tuvalu. 141 eLearning webinars have also been delivered making it a busy year for the trainers.

All the eLearning webinars and a number of recorded tutorials are available on the APNIC Training YouTube channel, which has proved to be a popular learning approach attracting nearly 175,000 views and 2,632 subscribers from all around the world.

APNIC is also committed to supporting regional and national NOGs, and provided training at PacNOG (x2), SANOG (x2), MyNOG, NZNOG and SGNOG, as well as the newly established groups in Bangladesh (bdNOG) and Bhutan (BTNOG).

Did you undertake APNIC training in 2014? If you did, we’d welcome your comments on it below.

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