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By on 17 Dec 2014

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Most folks are now aware of the IANA stewardship transition – the planned transition of the oversight of the IANA functions by the US Government to the Internet community, announced by the NTIA in March 2014.

As a community, we’re focused on the future and the work to be done before September 2015 and the CRISP team is progressing its contribution. However, it is useful to reflect on the past, specifically the background of the IANA functions and how the current arrangement with IANA and the NTIA came to be.

In this spirit, I’ve developed a short presentation summarizing the US Government’s current oversight role, the existing contractual relationship between US Government and ICANN,  the transition process, and RIR proposals.  Hopefully this is helpful background for everyone.

You can also read all the APNIC blog posts on the IANA stewardship transition discussions to date here.
I’d be keen to hear your thoughts and comments on the process below.
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