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By on 10 Dec 2014

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The Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal (CRISP) team got together for the first time at midnight last night (Melbourne time), via a Webex teleconference.

For your reference, the CRISP charter is available here.

All 15 members of the CRISP team were present on the call, and there was enthusiastic participation by everyone. In addition, there were more than 10 non-CRISP observers in attendance. Under the CRISP charter, all CRISP teleconferences are open to anyone who would like to listen to the CRISP team discussions (as silent observers). The next scheduled CRISP teleconference will occur on 11 December at 13:00 UTC, and I will post dial-in and Webex details as soon as this information is available.

At the first teleconference, the voting members of the CRISP team elected Izumi Okutani (APNIC region) as the Chair, and Alan Barrett (AFRINIC region) as the Vice-chair of the CRISP team. Izumi did a fantastic job and very ably chaired the remainder of the teleconference last night.

Last night, the team discussed its proposed working methodology. There will be a teleconference twice weekly in the period leading up to the end of the year, before the Christmas/New Year break. During this period, the team agreed on an aggressive and ambitious timetable to produce a first draft response to the NTIA Request for Proposal by next week, to elicit public and community comments. The team expects to produce a second draft response during the first week in January 2015. The final submission to the ICG is due on 15 January 2015. The team will work by rough consensus, except that an 8 out of 10 vote of the voting members will be required to approve the final draft submission.

Andrei Robachevsky (RIPE NCC region), Michael Abejuela (ARIN region), Esteban Lescano (LACNIC region) and I have volunteered to work on the first draft of the response before the next scheduled teleconference (that is, within the next 24 hours!).

I will continue to update the community on developments.

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