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By on 4 Dec 2014

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It’s official – the APNIC Secretariat has been rated as a High Performing organization by global standards!

The results of the APNIC Secretariat’s second annual Staff Effectiveness and Engagement Survey (conducted by Hay Group) were compared to high performing organizations globally (more information here), and it exceeded the benchmark.

According to Hay Group, a High Performing organization understands that effective employees drive financial performance, productivity, and talent retention – all of which benefits our service to Members.

The Secretariat joins organizations including Amazon, Nestle, Oracle, Panasonic, Vodafone and Hugo Boss who have also earned this accolade.

This is an improvement from the first employee survey in 2013, in which the team exceeded the general benchmark and reached some of the targets for a high performing organization, but not all.

So what did APNIC do? There is not one easy answer, because engagement and effectiveness rely on so many different factors.

Following some energetic impetus after the first staff conference to mark APNIC’s 20th anniversary, we implemented a One Vision theme where the focus was to get everyone in the organization thinking about how to work better together. This gave birth to an action group which asked colleagues to highlight barriers to their work and to suggest improvements. Many employee initiatives came out of this work, but best of all was the creation of an internal special interest group (SIG) (mirroring the APNIC community SIGs), which means efforts now have a permanent, bottom-up vehicle to gather feedback, encourage debate, and implement proposals.

Staff are engaged when they are empowered, are doing meaningful work and are committed to the organization’s goals. They are effective when provided with the tools and knowledge to perform at their best.  There is also acknowledgement that people have different motivators and interests, and there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Reaching “high performing” status is really exciting…the challenge now lies in maintaining the high benchmark that the team has set.

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