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By on 5 Nov 2014

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Most folks are now aware of the IANA stewardship transition – the planned transition from the US Government to the Internet community, announced by the NTIA in March this year.

This transition has been requested and expected for many years, and has recently become a possibility – providing that a plan can be developed and approved by September 2015.

Development of the “IANA Stewardship Transition Plan” is underway now in various communities of Internet stakeholders and within the ICG (the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group).

A useful recap of relevant IANA stewardship transition discussions to date can be found here.

The planning process has been subdivided into three major components, with three separate plans to be developed by the three so-called “operational communities” that are served by IANA: the Names (DNS), Numbers (IP addressing) and protocol parameter (IETF) communities.  The ICG will assemble these three plans into a single transition plan, which will ultimately be presented to the US Government for their approval.

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The Numbers community should be familiar to all of us: it includes all of those who need and use IP addresses and are served by one of the five Regional Internet address Registry (RIR).  The RIRs have been coordinating the IANA stewardship transition plan for the numbers community, and with production of a single draft plan by 15 January 2015.

The five regional number communities feature their own specific processes for coordination of address policy development and registry operations. Similarly, the transition planning process of the global Numbers community has also been subdivided into five separate planning processes, one for each region.  The RIRs are facilitating regional planning processes, running in parallel and converging into a single plan by December 2014.

The APNIC community IANA stewardship transition proposal can be found here and you can read about the consultation process at APNIC 38 here. AfriNIC’s community consultation outcomes are reported here; ARIN’s process and community consultation outcomes here; LACNIC’s here (the public consultation document is only available in Spanish at this stage); and RIPE NCC’s here.

The coordinated production of this single plan is the responsibility of the CRISP (Consolidated Regional IANA Stewardship transition Proposal) team.

The CRISP team will comprise 15 members, three from each RIR community, and will coordinate the production of the IANA Transition Plan for the global Numbers community.  Each RIR community will elect two members of the team, and each RIR will be represented by a single (non-voting) member; these nomination and appointment processes have begun in each region.

When the team is assembled, it will determine its operating methods and will then get to work reviewing and consolidating the various regional proposals and conclusions.  It will produce a single plan by early December, which will be available for a short review period before being submitted to the ICG by 15 Jan 2015.

If you are interested to know more about CRISP, to nominate/volunteer to participate, please refer to the CRISP team announcement, and further information on the NRO website.


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