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By on 21 Oct 2014

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APNIC’s Internet Policy Development Consultant, Adam Gosling, is attending the International Telecommunications Union Plenipotentiary (ITU PP-14), on behalf of APNIC. He will be providing regular reports on the events at ITU PP-14 that may affect APNIC Members and stakeholders. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates.

ITU PP-14 Day 1: WiFi blackout – a sign of things to come?

ITU PP-14 Day 2: ITU Election Matters Pre-occupy

ITU PP-14 Day 3: Last of the 88 Policy Statements delivered to the Plenary

ITU PP-14 Day 4: A day of elections

ITU PP-14 Day 5: More elections and the matter of WCIT

ITU PP-14 Day 6: The existence of the Internet

ITU PP-14 Day 7: ITUs Budgetary Black Hole

ITU PP-14 Day 8: It’s the turn of the Ad Hoc Groups

ITU PP-14 Day 9: We’re still deep in the Ad Hocs

ITU PP-14: Days 12 and 13 – Focusing on Internet-related resolutions

ITU PP-14 Day 14: Matters of the WGPL

ITU:PP-14 Day 15: Towards the pointy end

ITU PP-14 Day 16: We’re starting to relax

ITU PP-14 Day 17: A day of approvals

ITU PP-14 Day 18: The marathon ends

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