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By on 14 Oct 2014

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Just as the IANA Stewardship Transition discussion is gathering constructive momentum in the Asia Pacific, our colleagues in the ARIN community are similarly engaged in important discussion on the issue.

ARIN 34 in Baltimore was the location of a significant, 90-minute IANA Stewardship Transition community discussion, which set the direction for the ARIN community’s IANA consultation process.

President and CEO of ARIN, John Curran, gave this presentation, which focused primarily on process. John explained about the ICG and how the stewardship transition will be compiled. He proposed to his community the following process for discussion:

  • Discussion in the ARIN community will take place during ARIN 34 and through a mailing list consultation –iana-transition@arin.net– from 13 October to 27 October
  • ARIN will conduct a community survey and publish the results to aid in the discussion. The survey will be open for one week, 13 – 20 October, and those results will be posted by 24 October 2014.
  • After the initial community discussion ends on 27 October, the ARIN staff will produce a draft summary document by 3 November for community review. The document will note consensus positions and any significant points where consensus could not be achieved, with the final ARIN input available for consideration by the end of November.
  • After community review, a final document (including any material comments from the review) will be sent to the Number Resource Organization for compilation into a single RIR community input to the ICG.

The majority of the community discussion focused on the process to gather the opinions of the numbering community, an affected party of the IANA contract, and whether a global or a regional approach should be taken to compile a transition plan for the ICG. Issues such as timing, allowing wider community input, and transparency were also discussed.

There was also a question about how individual participants can provide inputs to the ICG. John Curran answered that it is better to do it via an affected community represented at the ICG.

Milton Mueller, as member of the ICG, explained that this group will assemble different proposals and will not have arbitration capacity. It will only validate consensus, consistency and accountability of different proposals and hopes that these will not be competing or contradictory. The ICG will send the compilation to ICANN for transmission to NTIA.

The substance of the community survey that ARIN will conduct to aid the discussions was also discussed, with some amendments proposed to the original draft.

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