Celebrating Women in ICT at APNIC 38

By on 24 Sep 2014

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Since APNIC 32, APNIC Conferences have been showcasing some of the inspirational women we have in our technical community through the Women in ICT event. It’s important to APNIC to encourage more women to build a career in ICT, which has traditionally been a male-dominated industry.

Over the years, we have seen more women participating at APNIC Conferences and have seen a rise in fellowships awarded to female delegates. For APNIC 38, we welcomed seven female fellowship awardees.

If you missed this year’s presentations, hopefully the videos here will give you some insight into the great work that women in the APNIC community are leading.

Sarah Escandor-Tomas from the Association for Progressive Communications presented on the “TakeBackTheTech” campaign, which is an initiative to protect women’s rights and safety online. Working with intermediaries as well as other human rights groups, the work of the APC aims to raise awareness about online violence to women and the remedies that are available.

Dr Sally Ernst from the Australian Cyber Security Network discussed the work the network is doing. She also highlighted the recommended Australian Signals Directorate actions to help mitigate the risk of online attacks:

1. Keeping software up-to-date
2. Implementing application white-listing, which stops other software running if there is an attack
3. Limiting system admin access

This is just a taste of the interesting work being undertaken by women in ICT. We hope you find it interesting and motivating.

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