APNIC & ICANN sign MOU on L-root server deployments

By on 4 Sep 2014

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APNIC and ICANN today signed an agreement to help improve the performance, availability and reliability of the Internet in the growing Asia Pacific region by deploying L-root server instances.

Root name servers are a critical part of the Internet infrastructure as they translate host names into IP addresses.  Having multiple servers distributed around the world improves performance, as the request does not have to be dealt with by a single remote instance of the nameserver.  Currently there are more than 400 root server instances globally.

APNIC and ICANN will work together to identify potential organizations in the Asia Pacific region to host an L-root server.  APNIC will then work with the prospective host on the requirements, advising them on requirements such as hardware, network connectivity, rack space, power, and other operational requirements as provided by ICANN.  The prospective host will work with ICANN on contracting procedures and on-site installation.

APNIC has supported the deployment of 26 root servers across 20 economies since 2003. This agreement builds on the strong working relationship between ICANN and APNIC, and complements APNIC’s existing arrangements with the root server operators for the F, I and K roots to deploy instances of these root-servers in locations within the Asia Pacific region.

New server instances will be known as “APNIC- supported L-Root Server Locations”.  ICANN operates the L-root and has 149 instances across the globe.

Read a blog post from the Vice President and Managing Director of  ICANN Asia Pacific Hub, Kuek Yu-Chuang, on the MOU here.

If your organization is interested in hosting an L-root server instance, please get in touch with us.

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