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By on 10 Aug 2014

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If you’re a regular visitor to the APNIC website you might have had a bit of a surprise today when you saw the site’s new look – we hope you like it. Nearly all the information on the website is in exactly the place it used to be before (with a couple of small exceptions), but we have given the site a facelift and brought it into line with the changes we made to our logo and corporate documents some time ago.

There is one thing which IS new, and that’s this blog. The blog brings together different news sources on the old website into one single place where you can find out what is going on at APNIC in a simple, easy-to-navigate format. This is the page where all our news will be published from now on, where you can read some of the opinions of APNIC staff on particular issues, and soon, opinions from the community in the form of guest blog posts.

The arrival of the blog means we’ll stop producing the Apster newsletter. But if you like getting email updates, never fear – you can subscribe to get weekly digests of the blog posts or an email alert when a new post is made. Just enter your email address in the ‘Get Updates’ box on the right and you’ll be signed up.

Finding the stories you are interested in is easy. We have five categories on the right, and clicking these takes you to every blog post in that category. Each blog also has tags (you’ll see them in the left hand column of a blog post, or in the tag cloud in the right sidebar) and you can click these too to find every story tagged with that particular… well, tag.

Authors’ names work in the same way. Click an author’s name and you’ll see everything they have written for the blog.

One of the most important things though is the comments section. Yes, this is a real blog allowing for real comments – and we want to hear your thoughts. We would like the blog to become a place for community dialogue so feel free to comment and ask questions (while respecting the Code of Conduct).

(Note – the blog doesn’t replace our mailing lists. It’s just another venue for community discussion and to provide feedback).

We hope you like it and the new look of the website.   Is it easy to navigate?  Are there any things you would change?  What new information or functions would you like to see?

We have more plans to keep improving the website but please feel free to tell us what you think!

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  1. Aftab Siddiqui

    First of all, APNIC Blog is a good initiative. Yes, I was quite surprised to see the new website today. It is good but I see some blank spaces in whois search and Blog tap (increase the number of blog titles). I guess this is the first version and will evolve eventually with positive feedback. Good going, great work.

    1. Tony Smith Post author

      Thanks Aftab. Yes the site and blog will continue to evolve as we use it more and discover what works well and what needs tweaking. Hopefully though it will be a better experience for all than the old site.


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