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By on 3 Mar 2023

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Thank you to everyone who participated in person and remotely at APRICOT 2023, held with APNIC 55, from 20 February to 2 March 2023 in Manila, Philippines.

The conference brought together Internet and networking experts, industry leaders, and other interested parties from around the world to learn, share ideas and experience, and develop policies related to Internet operations. It also gave us the opportunity to network with peers face-to-face at an APRICOT Summit for the first time since the pandemic.

Altogether, there were 824 registered attendees, representing 54 economies, including 189 APNIC Member organizations. Attendees were highly active on social media using the official hashtag #APRICOT2023 on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook. For more detailed information on APRICOT 2023, view the report.

Special thanks to the 149 speakers who flew and videoed in from around the world, including keynote speakers Paul Vixie and William T Torres, who spoke at the Opening Ceremony and Plenary, and Gautam Akiwate, who spoke at the APOPS 1 session.

Thanks again to all the sponsors for helping make this event a success — we greatly appreciate your support.

See you at APNIC 56.

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  1. Dan Fidler

    Hi Janile, the event was for the Asia Pacific region’s Internet operation community, but there was some contribution from across the globe. Learn more about APRICOT here: https://2023.apricot.net/about/


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