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By on 11 Aug 2021

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APNIC supported and participated in the APAN 52 meeting, held online from 2 to 6 August 2021.

Around 1,084 registered participants took part in working group meetings, workshops, BoFs and sessions on topics including identity federations, medical, network engineering, security, cloud, routing, and disaster mitigation.

APNIC activities:

  • Adli Wahid chaired a panel on ‘Cybersecurity vulnerability within APAN: Cyber Threats’.
  • Che-Hoo Cheng chaired the ‘Network Plan: ARENA-PAC’ session at the Network Engineering Workshop. Che-Hoo also gave the APNIC report at the General Assembly.
  • Jamie Gillespie assisted the Technical Committee and is also Co-Chair of the APAN Security Working Group.
  • Warren Finch conducted a half-day tutorial on ‘Introduction to Suricata Intrusion Detection System’, including a hands-on lab to 25 participants.
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