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By on 3 Mar 2020

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Two new developments are now live on the APNIC Academy.

IPv6 Address Planning course

The first is a new IPv6 Address Planning course, which covers 19 topics including planning considerations, subnetting concepts and implementation scenarios for ISPs, data centres and enterprises. This new IPv6 Address Planning course builds on the IPv6 Fundamentals course launched at APNIC 48 in 2019. 

IPv6 Address Planning is a free online course available on the APNIC Academy.

eduroam for APNIC Members

The second development is that eduroam is now fully available to all APNIC Members who have both an active MyAPNIC and APNIC Academy account (using the same email address).

eduroam is an international secure Wi-Fi network access service — available in more than 100 economies worldwide — that enables eligible research and education users to have free Internet access when they travel to participating research and education institutions and organizations around the world.

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APNIC can join the eduroam initiative due to the educational nature of the APNIC Academy.

Watch Che-Hoo Cheng present on these and other APNIC Academy developments at APRICOT 2020.
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