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By on 30 Nov 2018

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Three new features have been recently included in an updated version of the APNIC Internet Directory that enable you to visualize and share data in new ways. This is one of the early outcomes of APNIC’s product management work.

Comparison mode

Comparison mode allows you visualize comparative charts for a set of economies.

At the top of the Internet Directory menu, you will now see a switch that allows you to turn on Comparison Mode and then select economies using corresponding checkboxes. Upon selecting at least two different economies, the graphs in the main area of the web page become line charts, which allow for easy comparison.


vizAS — the tool for visualizing the interconnections between Autonomous Systems in a given economy for IPv4 and IPv6 — has been moved from APNIC Labs into the APNIC Internet Directory.

After having selected an economy, click on the ASN tab to reveal a bar chart showing the ASN data for that economy. In the top right corner above the chart, you’ll see three buttons. Click on the first to open a pop up showing the vizAS diagrams (both IPv4 and IPv6) corresponding to the selected economy.


Visualize your country’s BGP network with vizAS

vizAS: Measuring IPv6 from the Internet’s core

Web components (widgets)

Web components allow you to embed interactive charts into your applications or websites.

You can embed charts by either:

  • Using the Chart Generator at the bottom of the Web Component page.
  • Clicking on the Download icon in the top right corner of any chart and choosing the Embed Tag option.

In both cases, the html code you need to include in your application or website will be generated for you to copy and paste.

See the Web Components help page to learn more on how to use the function, stylize embed charts and examples.

Let us know what you think

We hope you enjoy the new release of the APNIC Internet Directory. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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