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By on 12 Sep 2018

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APNIC continues to see steady growth of its membership in 2018 as the demand for Internet number resource delegations and transfer services remains steady. By June this year, APNIC Members exceeded 6,800.

IPv4 transfers into the region continue to increase. Within the first six months of 2018, we saw 160 transfers completed, including more than 27,500 /24s transferred from ARIN and RIPE regions. The economies within the region we’ve see the most transfer activity from are Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong and India.

For IPv4 delegations, almost three quarters of APNIC Members now have received their IPv4 addresses from the final /8 (103/8) while less than a quarter have received IPv4 addresses from the recycled pool since the waiting list was activated in 2016.

For IPv6 delegations, almost 6 in 10 Members now have received their IPv6 addresses, with China, Bangladesh, Australia, India and Hong Kong among the top economies for number of IPv6 delegations. We are also seeing more providers deploying IPv6 with India, Malaysia, Japan and New Zealand among the top 20 IPv6 capable economies in the world.

For those who are planning to deploy IPv6, here is a 10-Step Plan for you.

Finally, we’ve rolled out a host of updates to MyAPNIC to make it easier for Members to keep track of their resources and update their whois details. These include a new feature to manage ASNs, and a tip on role objects to make managing contacts easier.

We invite you to try the new features and share your feedback below or via the APNIC Helpdesk.

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