Event Wrap: PITA 22 AGM, Guam

By on 10 May 2018

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There was a record turnout of women at PITA 22.

APNIC participated at the 22nd Pacific Islands Telecommunications Authority (PITA 22) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Roadshow in Guam from 23 to 27 April 2018.

PITA 22 welcomed 239 participants representing carriers, regulators, government and academia, and including the highest turnout of women ever. Invited guest speakers shared their insights on the theme ‘Unlocking and securing digital lifestyles in a connected Pacific’.

APNIC activities

  • Elly Tawhai presented an overview of IXPs and the importance of cybersecurity.

  • Jamie Gillespie conducted a workshop on Information Security — From Basics to Intermediate to around 22 participants.
  • Jamie and Elly took the opportunity to visit the offices of Members, Tata and Docomo Pacific.
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