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By on 20 Dec 2016

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Vivek Nigam meeting with APNIC Members at CommuniCast 2016

APNIC hosted a booth at the CommuniCast 2016 exhibition in Yangon, Myanmar, from 6 to 8 December 2016.

Held for the third year, CommuniCast 2016 welcomed over 2,500 visitors, with 78 exhibitors from 22 countries participating.

APNIC activities

  • At CommuniCast 2016, Vivek and Pubudu met with several Myanmar Members to discuss their IP address and membership needs.
    • During the event, there were many Members who created ROAs, increasing the amount of ROA coverage in Myanmar from 18% to 43%
    • There were also a few Members who were approved for their first block of IPv6 address space
    • Several Members updated their whois registration details and many new ISP license holders came to the booth to clarify their understanding of the APNIC membership application process.

  • Before the event, APNIC held a Member Gathering, with 26 participants from 16 Member organizations attending. During the Member Gathering, Vivek Nigam and Pubudu Jayasinghe gave a presentation on the following:
    • Regional trends
    • APNIC services update
    • Comparison of membership, resources and RPKI in Myanmar between 2015 and 2016
    • IPv4 depletion and how Members can manage this through transfers, referrals, and deploying IPv6
    • Routing security.
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