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By on 30 Aug 2016

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Watch our second Facebook Live broadcast, where George Michaelson, APNIC’s Senior R&D Scientist, and Byron Ellacott, APNIC’s Senior Software Architect, discussed QUIC – Quick UDP Internet Connection.

QUIC is a new protocol that supports a set of multiplexed connections over UDP and was designed to provide security protection equivalent to TLS/SSL, along with reduced connection and transport latency.

You may remember that APRICOT 2016 speaker Catherine Pearce, a Senior Security Consultant at Cisco, discussed the differences between QUIC and Multipath TCP earlier this year. She explained QUIC as having an entire protocol suite within each connection with layered data streams transmitting different packets; “think of it like a double or triple-decker bus that transports people on different levels the same distance.”

Stay tuned for the next APNIC Live

We are looking forward to producing more Facebook Live videos in the coming months, and already have a great lineup of presenters. If you have a topic you’d like us to discuss, leave us a comment below.

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