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By on 29 Sep 2015

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It’s been a busy month for cybersecurity in South East Asia. We’ve held our 5-day Network Security workshop at APNIC 40, held in Jakarta, and had a great lineup of thought provoking security talks at the conference.

Watch security talks and interviews with presenters from APNIC 40.

Unfortunately I was not able to stick around for the conference but I didn’t stray far, heading to Malaysia to give several talks including at APCERT’s annual conference.

Bridging the World – Go Cyber Green

This was the theme of the inaugural APCERT and OIC-CERT joint conference, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which was part of CyberSecurity Malaysia’s Annual Conference (CSM-ACE). APNIC was a Strategic Partner for the CSM-ACE and APCERT and OICCERT Conference.

“Bridging the World” was a nod to the inaugural joint conference, which provided a perfect setting to share cybersecurity issues, enhance members’ effectiveness and efficiency by improving the technical and administrative capabilities in incident handling, and discuss strategic directions and future challenges. About 400 participants attended the open conference and there were many other breakout sessions, closed meetings, a dozen or more workshops and vendor booths.

Cyber Green is a hot topic in the cybersecurity community at the moment. It is a concept promoting international collaboration to achieve a healthier and cleaner cyberspace.

Read Yurie Ito’s guest post: CyberGreen tackles malware
Dr. Ewan Ward (CERT Australia, the new chair of APCERT) shaking hands with CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia, Chairman of CyberSecurity Malaysia and Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Malaysia and myself.

After briefly presenting on the subject during his APNIC40 keynote presentation, Barry Greene hopped over to KL to give a keynote about the importance for security responders to understand the attackers mindset along with Viola Veiderpass, Digital Crime Officer for INTERPOL.

During the Gala Dinner I officially participated in a MoU exchange ceremony between APCERT and APNIC. The next day I was invited by CyberSecurity Malaysia, the home of the Malaysia CERT and Digital Forensics Lab to give a presentation on APNIC’s role in the realm of cybersecurity and share my experiences with RPKI, IPv6 and DNS.

The Open Web Application Security Project

During my Malaysian visit I was also invited to speak at the meetup for the Malaysian chapter of The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) held at Universiti Kuala Lumpur.

OWASPMY is one of the most active security communities in Malaysia. About 150 people attended the meetup, half of which were university students. Some of APNIC’s Members were there as well or people who attended the last MYNOG.

I again took the chance to talk about APNIC and the importance of participating in the global security community, all of which generated a proactive Q&A session.

International Islamic University Malaysia

IT/Network staff and postgraduate students had plenty of great questions

The last talk I did in Malaysia was at the International Islamic University Malaysia (APNIC Member, AS45344). The event was organized by the IT Division and the Faculty of ICT. Over 100 people attended the session including lecturers, IT/Network staff and postgraduate students. The student population is very diverse and there were plenty of great questions at the end about IoTs, Cloud, Security, best practices, and TOR.

I chatted with the University IT staff after the talk about creating their ROA which I’ve noticed they have done since my return.

Create your ROA today!

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