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By on 29 Aug 2014

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The Australian Internet Governance Forum (auIGF)  was held in Melbourne, Australia, from 26-27 August in the lead up to the global IGF being held in Istanbul, Turkey, in September.  The event was attended by representatives from across technical, government, business, academic and civil society groups to discuss Internet governance issues relevant to the Australian community.

The event covered a broad range of Internet topics including discussions of international interest such as the IANA stewardship transition and accountability of Internet bodies, through to Australia-specific topics such as rural Internet access and government proposals for data retention.

The second day featured an open discussion with representatives from the Australian Government (including the government’s ICANN GAC representative) where delegates from the Internet community could hear more about the government’s approach to Internet governance matters and ask questions in an informal setting.

APNIC’s activities included:

  • Paul Wilson spoke on the opening panel session which covered the IANA Stewardship transition and discussed the question ‘who should be involved in governing the Internet?’.  Other panellists from the technical community included Internet NZ’s Jordan Carter, the Internet Society’s Rajnesh Singh, and auDA CEO (and ICANN Board Member), Chris Disspain.
  • Paul provided background information on Carrier Grade NAT and its use with IPv4 addressing in a contribution during a session on data retention for law enforcement.
  • Networking with delegates to promote APNIC 38 in September.
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