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By on 10 Feb 2016

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Changes to the request criteria for the delegation of IPv4 addresses and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) will make it easier for end-user organizations to prepare for multihoming without having to establish interconnect agreements before applying.

Today, APNIC has implemented policy changes that reached consensus at the APNIC Policy Special Interest Group (SIG) at the APNIC 40 Policy SIG meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia in September 2015.

Prop-113: Modification in the IPv4 eligibility criteria relaxes a requirement for end-user organizations to provide the ASNs of two peers when requesting IPv4 address space from APNIC. Under the new rules, users must attest that they intend to multihome and advertise their prefix within six months of receiving the Provider Independent address space.

Organizations requesting a delegation under these terms must still demonstrate they are able to use 25% of the requested addresses immediately and 50% within one year.

Prop-114: Modification in the ASN eligibility criteria is a related change that removes the absolute requirement for a network to have a “single, clearly defined routing policy that is different from its providers’ routing policy” when applying for an ASN.

Under the new rules for ASN assignment, an organization is now also eligible if it already holds provider independent address space and intends to multihome in the future. Requests for ASNs under these criteria will continue to be evaluated using the guidelines described in RFC1930 ‘Guidelines for the creation, selection and registration of an Autonomous System’.

The effect of this change will be to allow new APNIC Members to apply for IPv4 addresses and an ASN in the same application. A successful IPv4 application will allow the new Member to meet the criteria for the AS number application if the intention is to multihome the network in the future.

In implementing the policy, the Secretariat adopted a liberal interpretation of the phrase “previous allocated provider independent address space by APNIC”. This phrase was taken to include provider independent space delegated by any Regional Internet Registry (RIRs) and historical address space delegated prior to the formation of the RIRs.

The APNIC Secretariat will report on this implementation to the APNIC 41 Policy SIG meeting during APRICOT 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.

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