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By on 11 Dec 2014

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We’re not in the habit of advertising job vacancies on the blog, but we decided to make an exception in the case of two current roles: Member Communication Specialist and External Relations Manager.

Because both of these roles will work so closely with the community, it would be great to recruit candidates for these roles from the community.

The communications team is looking for a Member Communications Specialist.  Working closely with Members and the wider APNIC community, the Member Comms Specialist will be responsible for developing written content and helping to manage communications to our Members, including this blog, on mailing lists, and on social media.  We’d really like to find someone with a good technical understanding and experience in writing for a technical audience.

The External Relations Manager will play a pivotal role in the development, implementation and review of APNIC’s external relations activities. The job will involve researching and analysing current trends, collaboration with APNIC subject matter experts, working with counterparts from other Regional Internet Registries and members of the Internet Community to ensure APNIC is represented appropriately.

Obviously, these people need a strong understanding of the Internet and technology concepts, but we are also looking for superior communication and interpersonal skills.

APNIC is a great place to work, and in fact was recently named a High Performing organization by global standards. If these roles are of interest to you or someone you know, please apply here.

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